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As the UK and the rest of the world starts to fully emerge from the lockdowns of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Companies across the whole economy are now starting to resposition as the Staff Furlough schemes come to an end, the market place for jobs is about to get even tougher.

Competition for jobs is going to be harder than ever as unemployment is expected to rise month on month between now and December 2020 whilst the economy rebalences to the new reality. That’s why it’s far more important to make sure your CV and your Online Personal Brand are polished and ready for the changes ahead.

Employers and recruiters have over the last five years really embraced the online world when it comes to recruitment.

With that change has come their understanding and insight into the world of the internet Professional CV Writing market. And they have come to the conclusion that seeing these types of CVs is not what they want from potential new employees.

The CV Writer has embraced that and changed to meet the demands of the marlet place. We began back in 2005 when the Professional CV Writing market was in its relative infancy and there where few companies available to choose from. Now that marlet place is overloaded.

The CV Writier has always kept up with what employers really want to see from a CV by conducting our own biannual survey with 500 UK companies. That research has enabled us to understand what the market wants and how to best deliver that for our customers.

The market place within the UK is increasingly unhappy seeing mass produced CVs turned out by Professional CV Writing companies. So whilst you may think that having your CV written by a professional it could now be damaging your chances in the jobs market as emplyers can now so easily spot those professionally written CVs.

They are now focusing their attention on those candidates that have made that effort to write their own CV and associated documents. So now it pays to NOT employ a professional CV writier and learn how to actually learn how to produce an interview winning document yourself.

The expertise of the CV Writer stretches back 25 years with our Career Consultant starting in the industry in 1995. That expertise has been on offer to customers of The CV Writer since 2007.

In 2020 The CV Writer made the decission to move away from the traditional professional CV writing business. This decission was based both on the response to the Covid-19 pandemic and also in response to the way employers now want potential candidates deliver their CVs and online personal brand.

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With the changes in the way employers expect candidates to present themselves the CV Writer now provides our customers with a series of five high quality, up-to date Career Advice and Guidance Guides. Written by our Career Consultant who’s expertise covers all sectors of the UK employment market gained from working within the careers advice, recruitment, training and government funded sectors.Our Career Advice and Guidance Guides are designed specifically to help our customers write and deliver both their CV and online personal brand image to give you a head start in today’s employment market place.

Coupled with our truly independent CV Review, LinkedIn Profile Writing services, Unlike the many other CV Writing companies in the market place. The CV Writer isn’t here to sell you a CV Writing package, which means we can offer you an open and honest review of your CV without trying to find faults in order to sell you a “professional CV Writing package”.

As part of our continued drive forward we have formed a new Partnership with a specialist Website Design, Hosting and Branding business. This partnership has created a new business

We also provide a database of 800+ Career Profiles designed to give you the advice and information you need to help you along your career path for FREE.

Whether you’re looking for your first job or taking that next career step it’s important to select the right career path for you. The same applies if you work for McDonalds, BT or Virgin Media. If you want to progress past the entry level you need to plan ahead and be ready to make that first step or the next step on the Career Ladder quickly.

The first step is often the hardest one to take, we all get settled within our comfort zone and relax into a routine, be that watching daytime TV or feeling settled in your current position and not wanting to push yourself forward. It’s relaxing into that routine that STOPS you progressing.

That’s where the CV Writer Careers Advice Guides can really help you. They will help you prepare to step outside of your comfort zone and start your journey to long-term Career Success.

  • How to Write an Interview Winning CV
  • How to Write Job Application Letters
  • How to Complete Job Application Forms
  • How to Succeed at the Job Interview
  • How to Manage Career Change

The comlete pack of 5 Careers Advice Guides are available for a single one-time fixed fee of £39.99.