Can Social Networking help you get a new job?

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The question we have been asked so many times in recent months, the simple answer has to be a big YES from us at The CV Writer.

Well you may say it’s so easy just to answer with a simple YES but WHY would it help me in my job search?

OK, we kind of hoped we’d get away with a simple YES but no such luck, so here we go with our reasons why real believe that Social Networking CAN help you get that next job:

The recruitment industry is facing a cash shortage and is making more and more use of services like Facebook and Twitter to advertise their jobs; even jobsites like iNeed are highly active in the Social Media world. By not being on these social networking websites you could be missing out on that early job lead.

Not only can Social Networking websites be useful for keeping up with old friends and ex work colleagues but those very people who you maybe don’t see every day can with a few clicks of a mouse become your eyes and ears of the jobs market.

While they go about their daily work maybe visiting other companies they often hear that company a or b is looking for new staff, and they don’t always remember to call you, but you can guarantee most people visit their Facebook or Twitter page EVERY DAY and if you’re on their as well it’s the perfect place to quickly let you know the inside jobs gossip, then you can jump in their before the job even gets advertised.

But Social Networking sites are not just handy tools to get the inside track from your friends, but they are a great place for you to advertise the fact you are in the jobs market, a few carefully selected words on you Twitter or Facebook status could have some recruiters seriously interested in you so always be prepared.

Have you CV up to date ready to email off at short notice

Ask all your friends to keep an ear to the ground and give you those hot job tips

Modern technology allows us to make things happen VERY quickly, and it’s becoming increasing more widely used in this time of recession, so JUMP FIRMLY onto that Social Networking bandwagon and get yourself noticed.

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