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In over 20 years working in the recruitment and training sectors I have had many conversations with people who say to me that they don’t need to wear a shirt and tie for an interview because the job they do doesn’t need it.

And I constantly give the same argument regardless of whether you will be required to wear the smart business dress code when you are in the job is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t look the part when attending the interview.

Look at the way you react to new people you meet whether that be in the queue for the bus or in the pub on a Friday, we all develop a first impression and part of that is based on the way we are dressed, you may not be conscious of that but you are doing it.

In a job interview situation that first impression is all the more important, not only is the potential employer making a decision based on your ability to do the job they are making decisions based on how you look and what effort you have put in to the way you look.

When I interview people one of the first things I do when they walk in to the room is to look at their shoes; are they clean/polished it may seem like something that doesn’t matter but to me and many interviewers it is important if you have paid attention to those small details in appearance for the interview it gives me an indicator that you will be paying that level of attention when you are doing the job.

Just because you work on a building site for the job doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make the effort when trying to get the job. With unemployment expected to reach over 3 million by 2010 in the UK you need to do absolutely everything you possibly can to add those extra few points at the interview.

Think of it another way; you’ve written or paid to have written a perfect CV which has already provided you with one first impression, you’ve taken however many years to build the experience in your industry to get you to the interview so WHY let yourself down at the last step.

With competition for jobs at an all time high with an average of 100 people applying for every advertised vacancy you’ve already had to fend of 99 other people for the chance of the interview to blow that interview before you have the chance to say a word makes all that effort wasted.

Think of how much time and effort you put in to getting ready for that night out, you dress to impress every time you go out because you are on the pull or on a first date, but so many people don’t think it’s important to dress to impress at a job interview.

So let’s look at it this way, you’ve recently lost your job so your nights are getting fewer and further between, you’ve got three interviews lined up this week but don’t think you need to bother dressing to impress because it’s just a standard boring job.

What happens if you don’t get that job? Well that’s more nights out you can’t have it’s another month where you can’t pay the mortgage, and those extra 2 points you would have gained from dressing to impress could have made all the difference and you could have had the job.

So treat that job interview like a first date, you want to impress the person you are going on the date with so impress the person that is interviewing you not just with your skills/experience and ability to do the job but in the way you look.

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