Interview Coaching

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  • “I wish someone could tell me exactly what I am doing wrong in these interviews.”
  • “I am doing my best but I am not getting anywhere. I am starting to lose my confidence.” 
  • What should I do if the interviewer asks me ‘What is your biggest weakness?’ I feel like I’m always giving some weak answer.” 

Does the above sound familiar?

If your written application has done its job of showing your potential and created an interview opportunity, then preparation is vital.  You need to be confident that you will demonstrate your experience and skill-set in a positive and persuasive way, that reflects your best self.

So if you’re looking to understand the best way to prepare for an interview and gain some essential practice with comprehensive, honest and constructive feedback, then Interview Coaching is for you.

During a 90 minute telephone/online interview coaching appointment you would benefit from:

  • A detailed review of your current interview preparation and strategy for any upcoming interview
  • Gain essential practice during a structured mock interview, tailored to the type of interview you are having (blended, competency or strength based), and the job role/organisation. 
  • Receive practical advice and insight into how to prepare effectively and overcome any areas of concern
  • Reflection on the feedback and analysis of your practice answers and overall candidate performance
  • Trying out alternative approaches with an opportunity to practice parts of the interview again
  • Increased confidence in how you approach the interview performance with particular focus on the quality and depth of content and structure of your answers

Your 90 minute Interview Coaching session can be purchased from our Shop and costs £99.00, once we receive you completed order we will first send you an email to arrange a time that works for you. Typically we would ask you to provide us with details of the job you are being interviewed for and then book an appointment for two days later.

We use this time to research the company you are applying to and the specifics of the job role you are being interviewed for so that we can prepare the right set of potential sample questions, you will also receive a copy of the sample questions we work through with you so that you can get more pratice in.

You can order an Interview Coaching Session by adding to your basket below, or you can order from our Shop.

PLEASE NOTE: Each session is for 90 minutes to cover one Interview Practice/Preperation. The 90 mins cannot be split over multiple appointments.