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The CV Writer, helping you write a CV, guiding you to a career.

Things are changing….

The CV Writer has a new corporate name from today 6th June 2020. We’ve owned The CV Writer domain name since way back in 2005. We started out offering a full service CV Writing business.

Since then we’ve built an extensive contact and knowledge base that has enabled us to grow. A decission was made ealier this year (due to Covid-19) that the provision of the traditional CV Writing service really wasn’t the right way to be heading for the future.

After almost 25 years in the Careers Advice business The CV Writer has developed an extensive range of training materials used for Corporate Clients. We decided that making those training materials available directly to our customers would help you learn the art of CV Writing, Letter Writing and Personal Brand Building for yourself.

Employers now easily spot a Professionally Written CV and they reject them more and more in favour of both personalised CVs specific for the job your are applying for alongside online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find the talent they are looking for.

Job seekers have to find a new way of presenting themselves. With that in mind we decided it was time to change the way we deliver our services.


The Career Company is our new Corporate Brand which runs The CV Writer website. As part of our change process we packaged the best of our training materials into the Career Advice Guides and introduced the Career Profiles database all designed to help you create your own CV and Personal Brand to make YOU more appealing in today’s employment market place.

And to help you further The Career Company is currently developing the Career Skills Hub eLearning Platform.

The CV Writer, helping you write a CV, guiding you to a career.

The Career Skills Hub will become the place to find all the materials you need to succeed in your chosen career including Video’s, Live Webinars and a host of other career related learning content.

We’d like to offcially welcome you to The Career Company, stay tuned to the Career Skills Hub page to keep up-to date with our development progress.