Reasons NOT to use online CV Builder website

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This will probably be one of the shortest articles we at The Career Engineer are every likely to write; but here goes anyway.

The reasons we hate those annoying online CV Builder websites are simple:

They produce generic CV’s (everyone’s is the same)

They don’t make your CV personal (they generally insert standard phrases that everyone uses)

The layout are far to arty and pointless, (a CV should ALWAYS remain business like and professional)

A LOT of these websites build their logo or website address in to your CV that you just can’t remove, which quite frankly doesn’t do you any favours when it comes to sending it off to employers, they see that or web address and the instant thing that goes through there minds will be “so you couldn’t write a CV then” and invariable your CV will be thrown straight in to the bin, and you’ve wasted you money.

And the most annoying part of online CV Builder sites is the cost they charge ridiculous sums to churn out basic boring CV’s that in almost 100% of cases will NOT get you that job interview you expect your CV to get for you.

Well that should cover that subject we did say it would be a short article.