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Many people think that signing up with as many recruitment agencies as possible will increase their chances of getting a new job, but in reality visiting every agency in town is wasting both your time and there’s.

Recruitment agencies are there to serve their clients NOT you, they have vacancies to fill for employers and the quicker they can achieve that placement the quicker they can send the invoice and collect the fee.

Most agencies will meet with anyone and get you registered so that they can have your CV on file on the off chance that they may come across an employer that they could place you with, but be under no illusion 95% of recruitment agencies DO NOT go out looking for jobs for YOU they look for people to fill a vacancy.

Spend some time researching the recruitment agencies and see what they can offer you; if they don’t specialise in your industry the likelihood is they won’t be of any use to you and you’ll be wasting your time paying them a visit.

Job search is a time consuming process so wasting that valuable time on registering with recruitment agencies that won’t provide you with the job leads you need is pointless.

In short spend time at the front of your job search select the agencies you want to deal with, and make sure they specialise or at the very least have experience and contacts within your industry. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the recruitment agency to make sure they know your industry and that they will be there to serve you.

If you have the right experience/skills and talent the recruitment agent will want to make sure they can secure you your next job because they know they’ll be able to secure the fee. So tell the agency that you’ve registered with other agencies that they are in competition with; spark some competition for you between the different agencies get them working for you.

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The CV Writer, helping you write a CV, guiding you to a career.

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