Should you send a thank you letter after the interview?

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The short answer is yes you should always send a thank you letter after the interview, and the reasons for this are simple:

  • To show the employer you really are interested in the job
  • To remind them of your interview, employers interview many people so getting your name in there again will only serve to remind the employer about you.

It may seem trivial or even pointless but you’ll be surprised just what that little extra gesture can do for your prospects of getting the job offer.

Many recruiters use a points system grading you at every stage of the process from receipt of the application, the quality of your covering letter and CV, the way you dress at interview and the way you handle yourself during the interview.

Many employers don’t expect to receive a letter of thanks from a prospective candidate so do something your competition isn’t doing and earn yourself those few extra points on the recruiters score card.